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Making Money Online

Have you been going around in circles trying to make that first $100 online?

You join various programmes, making very small money in each of them, not knowing when you will be able to cash them out? 

You do the calculation, then realise it would take you months to get that first cashout.


Welcome. My name is Shamsina and I would like to introduce you to the world of making money online. 

Time to start your adventure.

On the right you will see various links. They are all about the 2 programmes I am into. These are guides to help you understand what the programmes are about. 

There are also guides on traffic generation. You do need eyes on your offer. You can have the best programme in the world but if you don't get traffic, then the prospect most probably will signup through somone else's link. 

I am updating this site continuously. Adding more information. Do bookmark me.

Want to know what the trick is? Find a mentor. I mean a really good mentor. All those big names in the online money making business started out like us too. So who better to guide us than them. 

I have this great mentor which I am following her advice and guidance to make more money in just 2 main programmes. I mean that's really better than making $0.1 each month in 100 programmes, right? Plus you won't have time to login to all those 100 programmes anyway. 

Focus your effort. Don't spread your wings too far.

What you need is to get traffic to your main programme and get the prospects to convert. How do you do that? Learn from the top players in the industry. 

Simply put, my 2 programmes are:

Strong Future International (SFI) (This is THE MAIN PROGRAMME!)

Global Domains International (GDI) (where you can create your own website)

You will also see other ads around my site which I use for traffic purposes. You will also learn to use them as you go along. 


If you are already in SFI but don't know what to do, request to become my a2a friend. Just search for Shamsina (that's me!). I help anyone who asks for help, even if you are not in my downline.


If you are already in GDI and don't know what to do, send me an email at  I will teach you to make full use of GDI.